Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fertilica Harmonize - Hormonal Support Program

Fertilica MH5 - Male Herbal Fertility Formula

Fertilica UteriCalm- Herbal Uterine Support

Fertilica Harmonize - Hormonal Support Program

Fertilica RecoverWell - Pregnancy Loss Support

Fertilica RejuvaFlow - Menstruation Support

Fertilica Vitex Extract

Fertilica Maca Root Extract

Radiant Womb - Theraputic Fertility Massage Oil

11 New Fertilica Products!

We are very excited and proud to present 11 new additions to the Fertilica line of natural fertility products.

For the past two years I have been working away in my apothecary researching, mixing herbs, blending extracts and testing herbal fertility formulas. Over the years we have learned about the specific needs our customers have and in response created natural herbal formulas to help support the most common fertility issues.